Public Limited Company Registration in Cochin-Solubilis

Public Limited Company Registration

It is mandatory to have at least seven shareholders or Minimum of seven shareholders must be needed to startup a public limited company registration and there is no maximum limits in the number of shareholders. Public limited company carries much advantages then the private limited company,such as no minimum capital required, more number of shareholders.
By establishing your startup as public limited, you will have the advantages mentioned below:
By being a public company,it allows a firm to sell shares to investors, by this we can raise our fund easily. Many number of shareholders can be places in a public limited company.
A public limited company can be distinguished by its name,number of members and shares.

Pre-registration Process
Obtaining DIN for the applicant
Obtaining DSC for the applicant

Name Availability
The name availability for your company can be manuallychecked by Solubilis corporate services and the unique name is suggested for the applicant and the chosen name by the applicant will be approved by ROC usually within two days.

After getting the name approval from ROC,the following documents will be drafted with the requirements of Companies such as MOA and AOA. On finalizing of AOAandMOA necessary stamp duty is required to be done and a registered company can accept these documents through a representative authorized by a resolution / specific power of attorney by the Company.