Why do I need company registration?

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Company Registration measure is administered by Companies Act 2013 under Company Incorporation Rules 2014 gave by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India under the locale of territorial Registrar of Companies. The Cost of Company Registration in India would rely upon the quantity of chiefs, share capital of the organization and State of Registration Virtual Auditor is specialists in enlisting a private restricted organization, one individual organization, Nidhi organization, Section 8 organization, maker organization or Indian auxiliary. The normal time taken to finish organization development is around 10 – 15 working days, subject to government handling time and customer archive accommodation.

Trademark search in Bangalore |Online Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Importance of company registration

Limited liability

The Companies Act gives that in occasion of an organization being closed down, the individuals from the organization are exclusively obligated to add to the resources and liabilities of the organization. It is as per the Companies Act – Section 34(2). 

Notwithstanding, on account of organizations that have been fused, none of its individuals legitimately will undoubtedly add to anything over the ostensible worth of offers held by the part which actually stay neglected. 

The upside of having limited liability for its individuals is one of the significant explanations behind register company in Kochi.

Perpetual succession

As given by the Companies Act Section 34(2), a incorporated organization has the attribute of perpetual succession. 

Notwithstanding any progressions in individuals from the organization, the organization will be similar element with similar advantages, resistances, home, and assets. 

The passing or bankruptcy of individual individuals doesn’t influence the register company in Kochi. The organization will keep on existing uncertainly till the organization is closed down. 

As the Companies Act states, ‘Individuals may come and individuals may go, yet the organization can go on until the end of time.’

Trademark search in Bangalore |Online Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Separate property

An incorporated company as a perceived legitimate element is allowed to claim its own assets and furthermore different resources. ‘The property of the organization isn’t the property of investors, it is the property of the organization.’ 

‘The organization is the genuine individual where the property is vested, and by which it is controlled, overseen and discarded.’ And along these lines, under the law, if a greater part investor of the utilizations the organization’s assets for individual reasons, he is at risk to be held for criminal misappropriation of organization reserves.

Transferable shares

Section 82 of the Companies Act expresses that ‘The offers or other interest of any part in an organization will be mobile property, adaptable in the way given by the articles of the organization.’ 

This prompts the venture of assets in shares. It is done with the goal that individuals would members be able to can encash shares at some random time upon their will. 

It likewise effectively provides liquidity to the financial backers. They can sell shares, whenever they are able to, on the open market or the stock trade.


The organization has a self-sufficiency and freedom to frame its own arrangements and further, execute them for register company in Kochi. Notwithstanding, they are dependent upon the overall standards of law, value and a decent heart. 

As per the arrangements that are referenced in the Companies Act, Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Capacity to sue

As a different legitimate element, an incorporated company has the option to sue others notwithstanding organizations. Thusly, it very well may be sued by different organizations and individuals.  Be that as it may, the overseeing chiefs and different chiefs are not responsible to be sued for the sake of the organization.

Types of company registration

Register company in Kochi which in turn has various types of companies. They are: Private limited company, partnership, OPC and LLP.

Private limited company

This is the most well-known type of business substance in India. In a Private limited company, business resources are isolated from individual resources. Consequently, each investor is just liable for a lot of the complete capital. Consistence of a Private Limited Company incorporates support of records of monetary exchanges, executive gatherings, and yearly reports, etc. Likewise, the all-out capital of the substance is comprised of offers and these offers can be sold/moved to another person who gets one of the proprietors of the organization after such exchange or selling of offers. The portions of a Private restricted organization can’t be exchanged on the stock trade and neither would it be able to go for IPO to people in general.


Association business substances are very like a sole ownership. The essential contrast between an organization and sole ownership is that more than one individual is engaged with an association. There is a legitimate association understanding where the jobs, obligations, and the portion of each accomplice are explicitly characterized. Along these lines, benefit acquired by the business is divided among accomplices as per the legitimate organization arrangement, and if there are misfortunes, every one of the accomplices is by and by mindful (Partner’s own resources might be utilized to repay the misfortunes caused).


One person company was presented in the Companies Act, 2013. The significant target was to help business people equipped for beginning an endeavor, isolated without anyone else. This is additionally done by permitting them to make a solitary individual financial substance. It is fascinating to take note of that, just a single part is permitted in OPC. Then again, at least two individuals is needed for joining and keeping a Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership. This is probably the greatest benefit of OPC Registration. So register the company in Kochi, kerala.


The idea of a LLP was presented in 2009 as an organized plan of action. It tends to be characterized as a different lawful substance from the association element. Where business resources are discrete from the individual resources of the accomplices. The individual resources of accomplices are not put in danger. In the event that the business brings about misfortunes, the most extreme obligation of each accomplice is characterized by his offer capital in the substance. Hence register the company in Kochi, Thiruvanandhapuram.

The recent news

The Minister of State (MoS) for Finance and Corporate Affairs Anurag Singh Thakur said that 1,38,051 new organizations enlisted in the Financial Year from April 2020 to February 2021 while 10,113 of Companies have been struck off by summoning the arrangements of section 248 of the Companies Act, 2013 from April 2020 to February 2021. 

Thakur likewise said that the budget summaries are recorded with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for the legal compliances to keep up the library for public examination and all archives are accessible at www.mca.gov.in. The fiscal reports are kept as recorded and the monetary proportions, similar to income to benefit isn’t determined. The quantity of filings might be not quite the same as year to year because of deferrals or defaults in recording.

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