Private limited Company Registration in Cochin And How do you register a Company?

Private Limited Company Registration In Cochin

A private limited company registration in Cochin is a close corporation with a limited liability shareholding. It is therefore incapable of visiting the IPO or listing their shares in the stock exchange in public for their stock trading. Most start-ups register as ‘Private Limited Company’ as it is the only way to get an organization to get Seed support. It is therefore the most popular form of organization in India.

Requirements of Private Limited Company Registration in Cochin

The Private Limited Company in Cochin may be subject to a minimum of two shares and two directors.

During the initial installation, a maximum of 3 directors were allowed.

All directors must have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

Even foreigners and NRIs can be directors.

Shareholders and directors may be the same person.

Minimum fees and requirement of authorized fees

The minimum amount paid to the Private Limited Company is Rs. 1 Lakh.

The mandated amount is the maximum number of shares a company can issue to shareholders. It would be better if you decide the amount authorized by the MOA and AOA at the time of its inclusion.

How do you name your new private company?

 Designing your new company can be a daunting but challenging task. However, it is important to follow a few naming guidelines set by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) when choosing a name for your new company. Follow the rules and get your company name approved immediately.

The preferred format is approved by the MCA

Unique Item + Descriptive Name + Private Limited.

The Different Part

For example, at Consultants Private Limited, is a unique component. After getting a name, you need to make sure no other company name is registered with the same name. When searching for your unique part think creatively.

Descriptive Name

From the example above, the falls under the consultation category. The descriptive name depends on the type of business.

Check the availability of a company name

Your company name must be unique and need to be approved by the ROC. Search and check your company’s unique name.

Check the trademark if available

It is not possible to register your company name if there is an existing trademark with the same name.

A list of things to consider when choosing a company name

Choose a different name and not a bad name

Make sure the name is not common

Do not use abbreviations in the name

Do not enter a country name

Do not use a name associated with a foreign government

The Key Benefits of Consolidating Private Companies are listed below

It’s easy to do

Joining a Private Limited Company registration in Cochin is very easy. Two people can build a private limited company in 10-15 days.

Limited Responsibility

Shareholders will be liable for any financial risks only to the extent that they have invested in the company.

Easy Access to Finance

Private Companies may receive funds and issue a share or debt instrument to the investor. It is Venture Capital’s most preferred investment business.

It’s easy to expand

Private companies can be converted into public companies. This gives it flexibility to expand and to go for the first public offering over time.

Higher Legal Status

The artificial state of the private sector allows us to enter into an agreement, to file a lawsuit and to be prosecuted without charge or liability.

Share Valuation

Since Private Limited companies have a stock concept, it can be important to showcase the strengths of companies and make it easier to share shares with investors and employees.

Improved product value

Private Companies benefit from better product exposure compared to One Person Company or Limited Liability Partnership.

It’s easy to get rid off

If for some reason the company is not performing well, the promoter has the option to leave the business. Fast Track Exit (FTE) is one of the outstanding features of a private company that allows for a period of 3 months.

Business Continuity

A limited private company can only be closed by officially closing the process; this ensures business continuity and there is no question of renewal.

Private Companies Registration Process

Step 1 – Get Digital Signature Registration (DSC)

Since the registration process is online, forms require a digital signature. DSC is compulsory for all registrants and witnesses in MOA and AOA. There are two different categories of DSC. In Section 2 of the DSC, your identity is verified compared to a previously verified database. In Class 3 of the DSC, you need to introduce yourself before registering the authority to prove your identity.

Step 2 – Intentional submission of a company name

After following the word acquisition guidelines, make sure that the proposed name is different. This step includes submission of your company name and objectives.

Step 3 – Setting the MOA and AOA

MOA Organization Memorandum and AOA Organization Articles. Both are official documents prepared for the formulation and registration process of the Private Limited Company Registration In Cochin. The MOA contains company objectives while the AOA contains company rules and regulations, which define the company’s intent. The AOA also clarifies the procedure for the appointment of directors and the management of financial records.

Step 4 – Installation of MOA and AOA by MCA

Company name must be “Private Limited” as the last name. After drafting the MOA and AOA, both documents need to be submitted to the MCA for approval.

Step 5 – Obtaining the Integration Certificate from the MCA

After all Private Limited Company registration in Bangalore documents have been processed and approved by the MCA, you will receive a registration certificate from the MCA.

Documents Required for Registration for a New Company

You need to have the following set of documents before proceeding with the registration:

  • Certified copy of PAN card
  • Proof of private Govt address (Passport or driver’s license or voter ID or Aadhaar card)
  • Proof of Commitment Bank or Bill Mobile or Gas (Within two months)
  • Proof of Registered Office (electricity bill or mortgage loan or Bill Mobile or Bill Gas not exceeding two months)
  • Lease agreement between the proposed administrator and the property owner and No Objection (NOC) from the person who owns the property mentioned above.

Further details are required:

  • Main Purpose of the Company- Proposed Company activities
  • Suggested names for your company